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Enable GDPR Compliance

Compliance with GDPR

This is not mandatory, but only if your app has to be GDPR Compliant

To enable GDPR privacy settings for GreedyGame's Native iOS SDK you can create the instance of PrivacyOptions and passing it to GreedyGameAgent instance before calling initialize().

let privacyOptions = PrivacyOptions()
privacyOptions.setNpa(npa: true)
greedyGameAgent?.setPrivacyOptions(privacyOpt: privacyOptions)
PrivacyOptions *privateOptions = [[PrivacyOptions alloc]init];
[privateOptions setNpaWithNpa:YES];
[self.greedyGameAgent setPrivacyOptionsWithPrivacyOpt:privateOptions];
[self.greedyGameAgent initialize];


Load GreedyGameAgent only after the user has given the consent. If initialize() is called before receiving the consent then the current app session will be considered with the consent of using privacy information.

Admob's SDK will also receive the Consent passed from you in case if you are using Admob Mediation.