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What is the minimum supported Xcode version?

The minimum supported version is Xcode-10

What is the size of the iOS SDK?

The size of the iOS SDK is ~57MB

What is the minimum swift version?

We support Swift-4 and above

My app is crashing with Library not loaded error. What am I doing wrong?

You need to embed the GreedyGame SDK not just link it to compile your code. The following table maps the most common missed framework scenarios. These frameworks need to be added in the Embedded Binaries section in the General/Build phases.

Error Resolution
@rpath/commons.framework/commons Add Commons.framework
@rpath/imageProcessing.framework/commons Add imageProcessing.framework
@rpath/greedygame.framework/commons Add greedygame.framework
@rpath/libswift_stdlib_core.dylib Go to Build setting and set Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries to YES