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Best Practices

Best Practices for Native Ads

Our mission is to execute and enhance your revenue through native ads. For our solution to work with your inventory the process needs to be more than just technical. The main focus should always be on the user - the user experience. For this reason, we recommend you take your time and think about the integration design first.


The golden rule of native advertising is that it should not disrupt the user experience. Everything beyond that rule is in the details.

As opposed to traditional banner ads, native ads are ‘in the flow’ of a mobile website or app’s regular content. Whether it happens to sit within a news publication, a music app, social media feed, messaging service or games, the ad should match the appearance of other elements around it.

This streamlined format looks better, performs better, and induces users to engage more with both the ad and your product. Only offering a compelling and consistent experience to your users will set you on the path to efficient and profitable monetization.