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Ad Unit Placement

What’s the difference between clickable and non-clickable ads?

Clickable ads generate revenue. Non-clickable ads increase click-through rates on clickable ads. Therefore, non-clickables, while not completely necessary, boost revenues by probing the subconscious minds of players to click through to advertisers. Due to the higher visibility of native ads, the revenue that you get from clickable ads include the premium for branding along with it. Publishers can opt to only run clickable ads in their games, though we always recommend a mixture of the two.

What do I do if I don’t have much screen real estate?

That's exactly the area where native ads provide value. You can create ads of any size/shape in your game and make it clickable/non-clickable. Check out the implementations below on how game and app developers have cleverly used space to creative native units.

Youtube Video 1
Youtube Video 2

What ad sizes do you support?

The platform is designed in a way to give you complete freedom to choose any size/shape of an ad. It is the job of the SDK to re-design ad creatives to ensure they can fit the shape/size seamlessly.

Do I need to design the ad?

You need to only create a transparent unit over the area while integrating. Our team sets up the template as per your game's UI. Post this, our recommendation engine takes over to make incremental changes to the ad template to improve CTR.

Do you have any samples of how other games have implemented native ads?

Yes, you can check our repository of native ads samples here at Gallery

Are there any best practices that I should consider before creating ad units?

We’ve created a detailed list of best practises you can follow to maximize your revenue. You can check them here