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Enable MoPub

Enable MoPub Ads

GreedyGame SDK can source Ads from GreedyGame directly or it can also fetch demand from MoPub also.

To enable MoPub Mediation call enableMoPub(true) on the GreedyGameAgent.Builder instance.

  let greedyGameAgent = GreedyGameAgent.Builder()
                        .setGameId(GAME_ID_CREATED) //e.g 00100100
                        .addUnit(ADUNIT_CREATED) //e.g unit-1000
                        ---"other builder methods"---
  Builder *builder = [[Builder alloc]init];
  [builder setGameId:GAME_ID_CREATED]; //e.g 00100100
  [builder addUnit:ADUNIT_CREATED]; //e.g unit-1000
  [builder enableMoPub:YES];
  ---"other builder methods"---
  self.greedyGameAgent =;

  [self.greedyGameAgent initialize];