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Enable CCPA Compliance

Compliance with CCPA

This is not mandatory, but only if your app has to be CCPA Compliant

To enable CCPA filter in GreedyGame's Native iOS SDK you can call the method setCCPAFilter(true) in GreedyGameAgent.Builder instance.

  let greedyGameAgent = GreedyGameAgent.Builder()
                        .setGameId(GAME_ID_CREATED) //e.g 00100100
                        .addUnit(ADUNIT_CREATED)    //e.g float-1000
                        ---"other builder methods"---
  Builder *builder = [[Builder alloc]init];
  [builder setGameId:GAME_ID_CREATED]; //e.g 00100100
  [builder addUnit:ADUNIT_CREATED]; //e.g float-1000
  [builder setCCPAFilter:YES];
  ---"other builder methods"---
  self.greedyGameAgent =;

  [self.greedyGameAgent initialize];