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Test Ads

Testing of Ads

Now that you have successfully integrated with GreedyGame Native Ads SDK, now is the time to test the integration.

GreedyGame recommends an easy way to test the ads by following the below steps

Click on Testing in the left panel, or click on Get Test Ads

If you are testing for the first time, you will have to add a test device. Click on Add New Device in the left panel or on Create

Enter the Advertising ID of the Android device you want to get test ads on

  • The Advertising ID can be found on your device in Settings > Google > Ads

  • Please make sure that the app you are testing should be on the device you have added for testing.

Once your device is added it will be shown on the Panel

Click on Get Test Ads to start getting test ads. Open your app in the testing device to see the test ads.

Build Verification

Once your integration is complete, send us the build/APK of your app, so that our quality team can verify the integration.

You can send the build directly to your Account Manager or email it to


It is mandatory for the app to be approved by the GreedyGame Quality team, before making the app live.