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Getting Started

This guide is for developers who

  1. Want to monetize an app or a game with Native Ads

  2. Want to add a single SDK to add multiple demand partners for Native Ads i.e. mediation platform for Native Ads

  3. Want to automate CTR optimization through GreedyGame’s Recommendation Engine.

What are native ads

With Native Ads, a developer can determine the exact look, feel, size and location of ads. Native ads can be added in accordance with the app design and user journey. You can also decide how the user reacts to each ad on click. Since native ads do not look out-of-place or break the user journey unlike banner ads and interstitial ads,hence they yield better CTRs.

What is Mediation?

Ad mediation is an app monetization solution that lets app and game developers manage and optimize multiple ad networks in one place, with just one SDK integration. Ad mediation platforms give multiple ad networks access to an app’s inventory, creating an arena in which ad networks must compete for their ad to be served. Higher competition among ad networks means competitive CPMs and more ad revenue.

What is GreedyGame’s Recommendation Engine?

Unlike other Native SDKs, GreedyGame does not require developers to hardcode the ad template. You need to create a transparent placeholder where GreedyGame’s Recommendation Engine supplies an ad-template and updates it Over-The-Air based on the ad performance to improve CTR over time.


  1. We support PlayServices V16 only

  2. Recommended: Create a GreedyGame account and register an app/game.