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Getting Started

This guide is for publishers who wants to add GreedyGame Native Ads as a monetization strategy.

GreedyGame help you to monetize your App with Native Ads that people love. Checkout the video below which shows one of the ideal integrations of GreedGame Ads.


To start the integration process create a Publisher account in GreedyGame's Publisher Panel and login.

Creating App ID

App ID is an unique identifier for your app.

Follow the below steps to create a App ID.

  • Goto Integration Panel
  • Login with your GreedyGame's Publisher account.
  • Click on Apps menu from the side nav.
  • Click on the Create new app button from the popup model.
  • Select the respective Platform.
  • Enter App name and Package name/Bundle id of the app.
  • Click on SAVE.

Once the app is successfully created you will be taken to App Details page where you can see the app related metrics like Ad requests, Impression, Clicks and copy the App id from the App details card.